w w w . a q u a m e n t u s . c o m

Who am I?

My name is Chris. I was born in Los Angeles, California on May 9, 1978. I lived in California's Orange County (went to Mission Viejo High School) until I was 15, then I moved to Virginia's Orange County (where I went to strangely enough, Orange County High School). From there I spent 5 years at Carnegie Mellon University (class of either 2000 or 2001 depending on how you count) to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering (and minor in both Music and Computer Science). After graduating I moved to San Jose, California to work for AMD as a programmer. I left AMD when their management got lead poisoning from eating paint chips, and started throwing engineers under the train to save their own careers. I went to Mentor Graphics, who then relocated so far away that I only endured that commute for about 6 months. I am now currently at Xilinx.

I do lots of stuff, and yet I don't do lots of other stuff. (Often at the same time!)
I own a happy condo that I painted and wallpapered until I ran out of ideas.
I don't eat fast food.
I play piano.
I don't like stock trading, because it seems like a form of legalized gambling. I'm not against gambling, I'm just against stocks because I suck at betting on them.
I play Warcraft.
I don't play Farmville.
I try to write music in the Classical style like my hero Mr. Beethoven.
Once in a while I'll make an oil painting, which usually ends up as a Christmas present to a relative.
I occasionally dig into a cookbook and make something complicated.
I generally don't go outside except for food or work, or possibly if the building's on fire.
Once in a while I halfheartedly try to grow a plant or two.
I read Dave Barry.
I don't read Thoreau.
I drink Jack-n-cokes, and martinis.
I don't drink beer.

My brother, Keegan, lives in South Korea. Well, at least until the jackasses in North Korea start killing people for real.

My mother lives in Virginia with her 13 cats.

My dad lives in southern California writing plays.