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aquamentus.com is a personal web page for random computer geekery, but I'm pretty boring so expect it to collapse someday and be replaced with a commercial site. Maybe someone will start selling cute little collectable Aquamentus dinosaurs and want my domain. Maybe I'll just forget to renew it. Maybe I'll be possessed by alien demons who worship an entity named Aw-Kwam-N'Tus and they'll force me to convert this page into religious alien propaganda.

Where did the name come from?

As anyone who's played the Legend of Zelda knows, an aquamentus is the dragon-looking thing at the end of Level 1 (and other places) in the first Legend of Zelda. The aquamentus has never reappeared in any subsequent Zelda game (probably because you had to kill it to beat the game), but it is fitting to have some tribute to such a worthy opponent who shoots "mean beams" at unwary adventurers.

Note: in accordance with U.S. Trademark law, I claim the trademark on the name "aquamentus." If and when Aquamentus becomes a commercial venture, I will be able to and fully intend to officially register it as such. (Date of claim: November 20, 2006.)

What is the coolest thing ever?

Nintendo has re-sold the original Legend of Zelda for the GameBoy Advance! That really is the coolest thing ever, since it's a little hard to find a working original 8-bit Nintendo with a working Zelda cartridge with a working battery. This means we can still encounter the great Aquamentus in this, the 21st century.

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